The Empowered Birth Blueprint
Meet Your Baby Feeling Excited, Confident, And Trusting Knowing That Your 
Birth Will Be A Deeply Meaningful Experience That Will Transform You Forever
"Our experience learning from Cassie has forever changed us. Her teachings were invaluable. She is a master of the birth process, truly an expert in her craft. Understanding the power of intentionality and creating a vision for our birth experience allowed us to make decisions in the moment from a place of alignment. We felt as ease, educated, and excited to bring a being into this world because of the empowerment we felt through Cassie Schemper!"
Jackie L
“Before working with Cassie… It was hard to sift through everything and figure out what felt right to me versus what was 'normal' to do. It felt like so many of my friends and peers didn't know about birth or talk about birth in inspiring or positive ways. There were so many 'horror' stories and the general theme was that birth was something painful to 'get through'. It just didn't sit right and didn't feel like my truth. Cassie opened me up to a whole new way of viewing and talking about birth. Finally I felt like someone else saw birth as an experience to embrace, not run away from. Her process has really allowed me to feel more and more prepared to give birth and, no matter how it all unfolds, I know that I’ll feel empowered during birth and fully embrace the experience. One of my greatest desires for my birth experience is that it is transformational for me as a woman and allows me to become a new and even better version of myself. I feel ready!” 
Emily-Jean W
"While I went into the birth preparation looking for one thing, what I got out of it was so much more, and so much more important. I really do believe that because I was so prepared emotionally for this birth I was able to cope with it so much easier. Cassie really helped me crystalize what I was looking for in my birth and gave me tools and language to support that and advocate for myself. For example she gave me the tool to visualize the fibers of my uterus moving out and up from my cervix to the top of my uterus, and I was thinking about that the whole time during my surges. Through the intensity and the speed of my labor (it was less than two hours) there really wasn’t any fear, and Cassie really helped me get to that point where I was able to just concentrate on what my body needed to do and not give into the fear. I’m so grateful that I really dug into the emotional aspects of preparing for labor because it’s just not the same type of preparation as a regular childbirth education class. The difference between my first birth and postpartum and this birth and postpartum is night and day. Empowered really is the best word to describe what this experience has been like for me. I’ve already had to make some tough decisions in postpartum and I have been able to approach those decisions with way more confidence. I feel so different in terms of my confidence as a mother and my innate strength."
Claire K
"I just entered my third trimester and I decided it's time to bring more intention into my pregnancy and birth to come. Signing up for Cassie's empowered birth blueprint course was just what I needed! So far I have been spending meaningful time each week journaling about some deep heartfelt questions around my pregnancy and birth experience. I am feeling clearer than ever on my birth vision and ready for this rite of passage. The online pregnancy circle included in her course is such a gift in these times. I feel connected to the community, heard and seen in my pregnancy. Thank you Cassie for this offering from the heart!"
Taylor S
Do you want...

To know exactly what your ideal birth is, and have a clear roadmap to preparing for it?

To see your birth as an incredible opportunity for transformation for yourself, your family, and your community?

To feel confident in your ability to navigate your labor however it unfolds and show up in your power? 

​To be equipped with an empowering mindset and proven tools to help you cope with the intensity of labor?

If So, You're Not Alone

What You'll Get When You Join 
The Empowered Birth Blueprint

The Empowered Birth Blueprint is broken down into three powerful components. A self paced online course, a community of other mamas who are approaching their births intentionally as well, and coaching. 

Empowered Birth Blueprint Course

The Empowered Birth Blueprint online course consists of 6 core training modules. The course is delivered through video, audio, and worksheets, all in our easy to use online portal.

You'll get frameworks, tools, and templates to help you prepare for the a powerful birth experience that will launch you into motherhood on a high note. 

Each module is broken down into 6-8 videos, and each video ranges from 2-15 minutes long (with the exception of Module 5 which is a bit longer!)

Module 1: Why Birth Matters

Connect to why your birth matters to you. Birth is a rite of passage. In birth you leave behind an old identity, and step into a completely new version of yourself. And not only is your identity changing, but your relationships are, too. It's an incredible opportunity for transformation. In this module we will dive deep into these evolving identities and relationships. In my experience the more intention women bring to this process the greater the meaningful and lasting impact their birth has on their life. 

Module 2: Your Birth Vision

A step by step process for creating an inspiring vision for your birth. This is way more than making a birth plan (although you'll also receive a birth plan template). A birth vision ensures that YOU are leading your birth, not standard protocol or care provider preference. It's your North Star that connects you with what is most important to you in your birth, so even if your birth doesn't go according to 'plan', you can still hold true to your vision. Don't let others' beliefs about birth limit your vision... you are unique, and your birth should be too! 

Module 3: Birthing In Power

What does it mean to have an empowered birth? Imagine a Queen sitting on her throne... respected, supported, and sovereign... the ultimate authority of her Queendom. In this module you'll learn how to "sit on your throne" in your birth. You will go through a step by step process of auditing your relationship with authority, and connecting to your own internal truth. You'll learn an effective framework for assembling a birth team who will support you in actualizing your birth vision (and sort through providers who say they will support you in prenatal appointments, but seem to do a 180 once you're in labor).

Module 4: Manifesting Mindsets

The messaging we receive about birth from society (movies, books, stories, institutions) are grim. After years of hearing birth talked about as painful, excruciating, unfair, and just generally horrible...we need to shift our beliefs about birth so we can manifest a different experience. You'll go through a step by step process to change your core beliefs about birth, and align your language, habits, and routines to your unique birth vision. 

Module 5: Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to birth, becoming educated is key. And not just about the birth process, but becoming educated about yourself... the strengths you are bringing to your birth, the unique combination of words and images that most resonate with you that you can draw from in labor, the fears that may need to be cleared before birth... You'll also receive a template to help you educate yourself on your care provider's standard protocol. Become familiar with the characteristics of the different stages of labor. Although this is not an official childbirth education class, I guarantee you will learn things about the birth process that won't be taught in your average hospital birth class.

Module 6: Tools For Your Toolbox

Receive instructional videos and resources to practices to help you prepare for the physical, emotional, and spiritual intensity of labor. We will anchor the powerful frames from the previous modules into the body through breath, meditation, visualization, affirmations, sounds, positions, and more. Receive a practice schedule to ensure that you go into labor feeling equipped and confident. Show up to your birth fully embodied and ready to use several proven tools to help you cope with the sensations of labor.
These are the exact tools and frameworks I personally used for my two empowering birth experiences, and what clients pay thousands of dollars for me to guide them through 1-1.

Empowered Birth Blueprint Community

We aren't meant to do it alone. The breakthroughs, lightbulb moments, and mindset shifts that emerge through the online course will be even more powerful when held in community. Gather online for our biweekly Mama's Circle with other women in the same season of life as you. Create meaningful connections with others who are approaching their birth with incredible intention and deep reverence. Gain wisdom from others on the same journey, feel seen and honored for exactly where you're at, and be inspired by the birth stories of the mamas who cross that threshold before you. You are welcome to join the biweekly Mama's Circles for the rest of your pregnancy.

Empowered Birth Blueprint Coaching

We always leave space at the end of the biweekly Mama's Circles for you to bring your questions and challenges. Get Cassie's personalized coaching on how to apply the principles from the course to your unique circumstances. Feeling challenged about how to navigate certain conversations with your parents or in-laws? Having questions about your birthing location? Doubts about how to get on the same page with your partner? Struggling with certain fears around your birth? Bring it to our calls. You don't have to figure this out on your own.

Sign Up Now And Receive These Bonuses Free

Bonus #1: Audio Relaxation Program (Value $60) Cultivate a positive pregnancy, practice for labor and birth, sleep more deeply, and experience ultimate relaxation through Rachel Yellin's Yes To Birth! audio relaxation program. This proven tool has helped hundreds of women breathe and relax through the intensity of labor. 

Bonus #2: Interview Questions For Finding Your Birth Team Template (Value $197) Get the interview questions that will sort through providers who promise one thing and do the opposite. Feel confident in the birth team you choose. 

​​Bonus #3: The Empowered Birth Plan Template (Value $197) You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Spend your time and energy where it really counts (like on the course modules and homework), and plug your birth preferences into a template that will communicate your wishes effectively. 

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Community Be inspired by other women's birth visions and birth stories. Stay connected with other women who "get it", and see the beauty in birth just like you. Receive additional recommendations and support from Cassie and the other women in The Empowered Birth Blueprint community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access The Course?

The course is housed in our easy to use online portal. Once you purchase the program you'll be sent instructions for how to set up your account. Once you log in you'll receive access to the course.

What Do The Mama's Circles Look Like?

Our Mama's Circles are 1.5 hours long, and will all be held on Zoom. They are held every other week, and you are welcome to join for the rest of your pregnancy. These circles will be interactive and designed to cultivate connection within our community, go deeper into themes and practices to help prepare for your birth, and give you individualized support on any questions you may have about the course or your birth.

At What Point In My Pregnancy Should I Join?

We welcome mamas at all stages in their pregnancy! You are able to complete the course at your own pace using the online portal. You could complete several modules in one sitting, or space it out and complete one module per week. 

Do I Need To Live By You?

No! This program is accessible to pregnant people worldwide (as long as you have internet!)

Backed By The Birthing In Power Commitment 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Here's Our Promise.

We’re sure you’ll love it. In fact, we’re so confident that if you don’t love it… we’ll give you all your money back.

All you gotta do is show that you actually gave it a shot by sending in the worksheets for the first three modules to show you truly committed to giving the course a shot!

If you did and you don’t feel we’ve delivered the value we promised—just email us at with your worksheets, and we’ll issue you a full refund.  

So the worst-case scenario is you get to test-run it for free…

Best case is you have prepare for the empowered birth of your dreams. 

If that sounds good to you, click the link below now to join us! I guarantee you’ll love it! 

Your Teacher: Cassie Schemper

Cassie Schemper is the founder of Birthing In Power. She fell in love with birth after experiencing the transformational potential of this rite of passage through giving birth to her daughter Lily. She knew that she had found her life's calling, and became a dedicated student of birth (leaving her career in tech). Cassie's clients hire her to support them in having the most meaningful and powerful birth experience possible (whether they plan on birthing at home, a birth center, or a hospital). She feels most alive witnessing, supporting, and learning from the powerful women who invite her into their birth stories. After once again experiencing the magic of birth herself while birthing her second daughter, Cora, she founded Birthing In Power with the mission to change the collective conversation around birth to one of empowerment, depth, and possibility. 

Our Mission

In the U.S. pregnancy-related mortality rates are as much as 4 times higher for black women as they are for white women, and infant mortality is 2.3 times higher for black babies than white babies. Birthing In Power is dedicated to supporting black midwives, black doulas, and black birthing women to help change these unacceptable statistics. 

5% of all sales from The Empowered Birth Blueprint will go towards supporting The Black Bay Area Birth Fund. Funds go towards midwives so that they are able to support families and will not absorb the financial burden of taking on clients who are unable to pay the full fee for homebirth care, yet are fully committed to this revolutionary act. 

Please reach out for inquiries about our sliding scale offerings for this course if you are a Black or Indigenous Person of Color. This sliding scale offering is seen as a form of reparations, as maternal mortality rates for BIPOC are significantly disproportionate, and all birthing people deserve access to tools for a safe and empowered birth experience. Please email me at for more details.

If you have additional questions – feel free to reach out to We would love to assist you!
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